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Gesher translates to bridge in Hebrew. Yoga offers us exactly that; a bridge that yokes our outer world of skin, muscles and bones to our inner world of breath, soul and intuition. Jewish Spirituality also instructs us on how to live a life that is simultaneously secular and sacred through the ancient teachings found in the Torah, t’fillah, Chassidut, Kabbalah and ultimately by listening for the still small voice of Shekhinah, who dwells within each of us.

On this blog you will find the notes I've used to teach on-going Shabbat morning sessions, mostly at my shule. Sometimes there are Asana (posture) suggestions to be found at the end of an entry. Other times they are not there, mainly because I never know who's going to show up for our yoga minyan...I often like to wait and see who comes so I can structure that aspect of class according to the "bodies" that are present, as there is a wide range of physical abilities within the community...I don't like to be tied to a plan, but to move and teach authentically and appropriately for all in attendance.

My approach is always gentle so that everyone feels comfortable and capable of full participation, so
please don't hesitate to join us if you happen to be in Nashua, NH on a Shabbat morning that I am teaching. To find out when the next Gesher Yoga Session is happening go to:
Temple Beth Abraham.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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